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Welcome to A'Louest. 

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I'm Shree Janani, the owner of this page. Engineering foots my bills while writing/reading fills my soul. I literally write about anything and everything - Books, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Tech - but I'm slightly more inclined to write about books. I've been blogging since 2009 with various blog and pages, Readers' Muse was being the first full fledged review blog I wrote in. I finally found home and have merged all my published posts in one place. 

I'm open to collaboration & review requests.  I do have my own set of terms and conditions. You can read them here

I also have a monthly newsletter feature. Sign up below! Each month's newsletter will have a different theme . I promise not to spam you :-)

Write to me @ my mail ID for review request, collaboration request, feature in the newsletter or if you just want to talk to a bibliophile. I might take a couple of days to respond, but please be assured of a reply from me. My day job tends to drive me crazy frequently, hence the delay. 

NOTE - Not accepting review requests now. I normally take off during the last two months of the year! Do write to me by Jan 2019!

ps. A L'ouest is a French word which literally translates to west-bound, but actually implies some one slightly crazy or different - Possibly the apt word to describe me, if you know me really well. 
pps. I've published a short story book - it's on Amazon. Do pick it up, if you are looking for a byte sized thriller. 

 Please read my  Privacy policy . It's all in compliance with the GDPR laws. 


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