Thursday, September 22, 2022

#695 : Day 1 - The Sweetness of doing nothing - Dolce Far Niente - A thought process

 The Italian phrase - "Dolce Far Niente" has been making rounds on Instagram reels with people posting videos of them enjoying the quintessential Italian summer, sipping a glass of limoncello while devouring delicious pasta handmade in a small restaurant along the cost of Amalfi. That does feel heavenly, but honestly, would all of us normal folks afford that? A combination of sadness that arose from looking at my bank balance and madness from looking at my work calendar jolted me out of that Italian dream and got me to rethink that Italian concept. Or rather, I dug deeper without going by Instagram. 

To me, the concept of "Dolce Far Niente" is an art - Can one truly interpret the phrase verbatim? Can a person actually be without doing nothing? I surely cannot. Even if I were to sit quietly, without doing anything, my brain would be whirring with plans and thoughts centered around common themes of work, food and learning! It's 11pm in the night now (Yes, I write these a day early) and my brain does not show any signs of winding up at all - So how do I "enjoy" the concept of "Dolce Far Niente". 

Realization hit me as I chugged down water, spilling it all over my T-shirt. It's not about the "what", but rather about "why" -  enjoying the idleness in our own terms amongst the doldrums of the day. The next logical questions I had was "how" - How do I enjoy being "idle"? - I do not like being idle, it's the most difficult thing to do. However, few days of idleness might as well help me with building better habits. As usual, I made a list of things I follow/should be following and this will help you too,  

1. Unplugging from the world - Throw away that phone, uninstall those social apps, the time tracking apps, the mail apps and just about every other app which is distracting. I already tried doing this in small doses - It helped me quite a bit to focus, but now that I'm back to blogging again, this might change. 

2. Ditch the binge watching spree - It's okay not to catch up with the latest episode of House of Dragons or whatever is your pick. That catchup culture does not define us! Replace this with walking around. Take a walk, go about talking to those retired folks who have a good community of their own. You may be pleasantly surprised, I was. 

3. Forget guilt - Didn't hit that fitness goal? It's fine. Didn't drink enough water? It's okay. There is always a tomorrow, we all live in a hope that there is always a tomorrow. So lets live with that hope. 

4. Take a nap - "Siesta" is a word I absolutely love. I make a point to snooze for 15 minutes every afternoon, just before lunch mostly. This helps me focus better. 

5. Have a rest day - Don't do that pending cleaning, it's okay not to respond to that mail today (unless of course the world is burning), it's damn okay not to take yet another call. While this is difficult most of the times - Work, family and life in general happens, one can surely try. 

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