Wednesday, September 21, 2022

#694 : 100 Days of Blogging - An Introduction

 Make haste while the sun shines - Pen down it down when inspiration strikes! 

It's been a roller-coaster ride this year so far with some crazy decisions taken - seemed like a logical continuation to the circus that 2021 was. With the art of blogging almost dead and video content taking over, it felt like a waste of money (INR 1000) every year to maintain this blog. I contemplated closing it down and almost cancelled my domain subscription. I stopped myself from committing a blunder that I certainly would regret.  I never cared for the "trends". Blogging has always been the most comfortable medium for me to express myself, pouring out thoughts to the abyss that the internet it. Moreover, my writing skills have taken a beating - all thanks to endless days of talking just the tech language. At this rate, I would never complete writing my novel - Yes, I still hope to publish a full length novel before my hair turns completely grey (Oh it's well on it way to the halfway mark, I'm prolonging the inevitable using "herbal" stuff).

I decided it was high time that I took charge of things and mitigate the risk of losing my writing skills (Damn, I cannot "not" use the words "mitigate" and "risk" these days - perils of my job). I decided to embark on blogging for 100 days. The last I did this exercise was almost 6 years ago when I got married. I kind of felt that I didn't do justice to the spirit of blogging since I ended up posting just pictures with captions. This time around, come what may, I intend to write at least 100 words coherently on a topic of my choosing - I hope to write short stories too, just to kick that sleeping cell of creativity. 

If you are reading this, I thank you for the support -  I do have a favor to ask, if you like what I write, write  to me - Drop me a mail ( or comment here or DM me on Insta (@shreejanani) - I promise you an engaging conversation (There might be lag since I'm always going about talking at work). If you don't like what I'm writing - Feedback welcome! 

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