Monday, February 1, 2021

#689 : Bayan by Pramudith D. Rupasinghe

There are some book that come along quietly and leave a lasting impact that you probably wouldn't realize. This was one such book. Having lived with 3 sets of grandparents at one point of time, I love listening to (and reading to ) their experiences with various difficulties that life bestowed them with. Stories set in the soviet union have that mystic touch - The culture, the history, the people - all of it seems so tragically enchanting.

The story, as narrated by the protagonist Ivan, follows is life in Ukraine. The book is set in a tumults time of WWII which makes it a very interesting read.

It is apparent that the author is blessed with stupendous visualization skills. The description of a snow covered Ukraine to the description of a rumbling river is were just too good. Capitalism and Marxist philosophies are not meant to be dealt with kid gloves - a lot of writers who use the WWII setting tend to do it like cooking an instant noodle - superficial flavor and flashy. This writer ensured to give them their due respect by dealing them with eloquent prose.

My only peeve point would be the lack of translation of certain non-English language works.

This is one book that ought to be savored page by page and not to be devoured during commute time.

About the Author 

 Pramudith Rupasinghe is one of the emerging authors from Sri Lanka who has been privy to the world and what goes on in it. Born in Gampaha, Sri Lanka in 1979, he soon discovered his vocation for writing though he still works in the humanitarian sector. As a humanitarian diplomat, he has served in several countries around the world. While working as a humanitarian, Pramudith has had the opportunity to explore the unexplored side of human life, connect with cultures that have not been in touch with the external world, and experience the emotions of people who have been through trials. Trials which are more distressing than words could ever describe. It is through his experiences that he endeavours to relate their meaningful stories giving those who have been forgotten, sometimes even ignored, an opportunity to be heard.

Pramudith is internationally known for his fiction ‘Behind the Eclipse’ and ‘Bayan’, His books have been translated into several languages and launched internationally.

You can buy the book : Amazon (or read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited)