Wednesday, April 15, 2020

#686 : The Rape Trial by Bidisha Goshal : Review

A rape these days has become just another headline grabbing incident which is forgotten just like other headlines in a couple of days. As the tittle suggest, this story begins with a rape trial which typically goes in favor of the predator and ends with the victim being punished. The protagonists - The young women who have suffered (or witnessed) from some form of sexual abuse take it up to themselves to deliver vigilante style justice until things take a bad turn as cops begin closing in on them.

With very strong characters and fantastic narration, the book was an almost delight to read technically. The writer portrayed the angst and general feeling of disappointment a woman feels when she reads or hears about yet another case of sexual abuse or rape. The language used is also quite simple and the writing is pretty fluid, crisp - the style I wish I was master at. One particular scene which stayed with me was the actual court room trial - that whole part felt surreal yet so vivid for me. The only peeve point which I had was with the length - the story however engaging it was, could have be slightly crisper which would have resulted in a lesser number of pages. I was quite apprehensive when about reading the book when the book landed as it was just big! A rarity in recent times. 

Some stories consume so much of my mental bandwidth that I really cannot pen down my thoughts immediately after reading it, without launching an in depth analysis of each and every pinch point and resolution. While that might be a good thing to read for people like me, it would probably end up undermining the writer's effort where in a potential (wannabe may be) reader would be prejudiced about the book. This was one such book after a long time since the subject of the book is close to my heart just like it would be for any other woman. 

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