Wednesday, March 4, 2020

#682 : A Sweet Deal by Andaleeb Wajid : Review

Opening a tastefully decorated little pastry shop/cafe in an idyllic small village in Italy has been my dream for a while now. I realized that my dream had a real low probability of becoming a reality due to various obvious reasons (obvious if you know me). I decided to make do by reading feel good romances with such a setting to do away with the feel of longing, this book fit the bill perfectly minus the Italy setting though.

Rumana, the protagonist, along with her friend Neharika quit their jobs and invested their savings to open their dream cafe. While they are struggling with the operation due to the fact that aren't experienced enough to run a business, a highly qualified chef opens a similar shop next door. Sparks fly and you know what it all leads to.

The narration, the setting and the characterization, all were perfect. The book was such a perfect feel good romance. However, I was not comfortable with the tense of the book. Thankfully the story was too good which compensate for my struggle with the tense of narration. One colossal mistake I did though was reading this book all the time I was hungry. Made me crave for all the pastries described. Such realistic descriptions of pastries!

The story does have a bit of everything for everyone. A good read!

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