Sunday, March 1, 2020

#681 : Most beautiful stadiums to visit if you love football

Football is that sport which everyone loves to play and watch too. There is hardly any person in the world who doesn't like football, especially when it is played in beautiful football playgrounds. The lush green compounds soothe your eyes. So, it is a must to visit once in a lifetime. The loudness of the surroundings and greenery of compounds give your heart a perfect sound.

So is the case in cricket stadiums, fans are always rooting for their team to win the matches. They also cheer for their favourite players on and off the field.By off the field we mean fantasy games and betting sites. If you also love betting on cricket, then you can explore the review of 10 Cric and bet on your favourite team and players.Anyway here are some of the most beautiful stadiums in the world that you must visit if you love football.

1.     Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain

The Camp Nou stadium is amongst Europe's largest stadiums. The most significant football sensations like Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Johan Cruyff, and Diego Maradona played in this beautiful stadium. It's not just an ordinary football playground as it also has the cultural identity of the club's activities, which also encourages a special feeling in this stadium.
2. The Bombonera Football Stadium

The Bombonera or Boca stadium receives the welcome of many legendary football players of their time. It is amongst those stadiums which shout louder with positive vibes, passion, and excitement from the stands. So, without having any doubt, visiting this stadium is a must for receiving its beauty and love.

3.   San Siro, Milan, Italy

Milan is the city of risotto and, of course, the town of the great San Siro football stadium. It generates the most exciting atmosphere during play. The genuinely magnificent stadium hosted many popular football home games like FC Internazionale Milano and AC Milan. In the past decades, the football stadium also received the strongest competitors of the European teams. Visiting this beautiful stadium gives an enjoyable experience.

4. Azteca Stadium, Mexico 

The stadium also got its fame by the name Coloso de Santa Ursula. This beautiful stadium records the historical game of "The game of Century" in 1970, where Germany got defeated by Italy in the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup. Also, the stadium attracts with its extraordinary beauty a lot. The beautiful combination of past games and events where Maradona and Pele lift their trophy for last time is a must to explore.

5. Wembley, London, England 

The Wembley stadium is established on the old Wembley's ashes. The stadium is enormous and still receives a lot of things about football play. It is amongst the second-largest stadium after the Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona.

Despite the young age of Wembley stadium, it still holds the most comprehensive football games like League cup, FA cup, and also community shield finals.

Furthermore, it is also a famous stadium due to the dominant English National Team of football during 2017-18. The stadium also hosted many home games of the Tottenham Hotspur FC. Thus, visiting the stadium gives you memories to remind for a lifetime. 

6. Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Maracanã may be amongst the most famous football stadiums in the world. Still, there are not much people who remember that the official game of this stadium is the Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho. Perhaps this game goes down in history with the name Maracanaço. Once it came to an end, the Jules Rimet (president of FIFA) said all things were planned.

The beautiful stadium also received its dignity for the historical event where the triple whistle of referee freezes the moment with silence in the stadium, and around ten people seized with a heart attack.

7. Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

The beautiful and vibrant Allianz stadium has remained the stadium for TSV 1860 München and FC Bayern München from 2005 to 2017. Allianz Stadium is famous for its unique and incredible features than that of regular football stadiums. The incredible 2,760 diamond cutting shape of cushions beautifully covering the outer wall of the football stadium gives it a unique and comprehensive look.
Combining, it forms the most famous and also the world's biggest membrane cladding, which is beautifully covering the area of around 66,500m². Another thing that makes it unique is its colour-changing design that changes colour according to the team playing on the ground. For instance: it turns into the red for FC Bayern München, white for the Germany national Football team and Blue for the TSV 1860 München.
 Final words
So, these are amongst the most beautiful and famous football stadiums in the world. If you love football, then visiting these beautiful football grounds is a must to explore their beauty with terrifying historical records.


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