Saturday, February 1, 2020

#656 : The slow death of Blogging and Organic growth

Writing was a skill I always loved to flaunt and work upon. I vividly remember my 9th-grade teacher "complaining" to my mother that I was being a show-off when it came to English and I had to "tone down" my writing. She gave me the lowest possible grades throughout the year. She gave the highest possible grades to my peers who had very little grasp of the language. This was the case for all of us who had until then scored the best of the grades. That was exactly the point I turned to blog - A medium I discovered could boost up my dropping levels of confidence. I started out blogging, writing about things typical of a teenage girl who studied in an all-girls school. 

Today, several years later, I still blog, though just for the sake of it. I'm no more the naive blogger who just wrote and forgot about it. I take time to promote my blog extensively in social media, hoping to connect with people like me, who blog for fun without a major monetary motive behind it. Sadly, I have had very little luck. SEO/SEM along with Google's complex algorithm has ensured that my blog is lost amongst the gazillion websites that exist today. 

Even the "organic promotion" of posting links on "popular blogging clubs" doesn't work these days. My last post garnered 40 views exactly with 2 people pining me personally to give feedback. Zero likes or comments on my post in the blogging club. While I was over the moon that 2 people had found time to read my story and talk about it, I realized my blog will probably be just a needle in a haystack always. 

I do not believe in peppering my content with "keywords" so that my content is picked up by these crazy social network algorithms until I'm paid for it. I used to have a no-monetary collaboration policy till a few years ago, but with changing times and the realization that if I'm good at something I ought not to do it for free, I decided to monetize reviewing (Read my Review policy!). Yet, I have never to date resorted to paid promotions, which is probably why my blog will always be a needle in a haystack. Blogging and organic growth are almost dead with "micro reviews" on twitter and Instagram taking over. Everyone I know is an influencer these days. I probably never will be one of them. I'm too honest for that. 

At the end of the day, it is disappointing that I do not have a good readership for reasons I cannot fathom. The day is not far when I would eventually give up and resort to writing in loose sheets as I used to as a kid. It has been an exhilarating experience to have experienced the growth of blogging, it does sadden me to witness the slow death of it. Till then, I'll keep writing and reading blogs too. 



  1. Now is the time to write for ourselves, I guess. ?.

  2. As someone who has been blogging for 10 years, I can safely say that readership is not what it used to be. But doesn't mean that there are no readers. With the plethora of information available readily to us on social media, it is unlikely that anyone will go looking for a blog to read it. This makes developing communities and participating in blog challenges important.