Monday, September 23, 2019

#653 : #MyFitnessDairy - Being Grateful

Growing up, I wasn't the fittest kid on the block, since I was more in to books than physical activity. Transitioning into adult meant that habit just carried over. Initial days of my career warranted enough physical activity to ensure I was fit - running around boilers, climbing scaffolding to check things, walking around half finished structures - all of it kept me fit.  Of course, my mental health stared to deteriorate thanks to work pressure and time away from home. Settling into a comfortable job with no such heavy physical activity made me complacent. Add lost friendships, social pressure, marriage, hormonal changes,travel at work, and general stress to the mix, my health went for a toss. I gained lot of weight and started becoming irritated and felt like a failure. Before even I realized, my mental and physical health was absolutely at it's worst. There were days when activities which earlier used to give me pleasure - reading and writing - began feeling like a hard chore. Phrasing a grammatically correct sentence felt like a mammoth of a task. That's when I decided it was high time I did something to change this. I'm grateful for having people in my life who pushed me to change things in their small own way. 

I changed one thing at a time and my life has become far better. Keep watching this space for detailed account of what I did. 

However, today's post is related to mental well being - Of being grateful. 

On the journey for better health, I realized mental well being is far more important that any thing. Today, I'm grateful for a lot of things.  I think I can state with confidence that I'm at a better mental space today. Here are 3 things I'm grateful for,

1. I'm grateful for having had a loving childhood and great parents - No parent can be inherently "bad". Only circumstances change them. After all, they are humans too. Immaterial of how tough our life got, my parents were loving and I'm grateful for that, since it played a large role in the development of my mental framework

2. I'm grateful for having rock sturdy sounding boards - I have been blessed with two best friends - one of which I'm married to and other, who is my soul sister. I'm eternally grateful for them to have had my back in the journey to being a better person.  My husband can't have been possibly more patient!

3. I'm grateful for having a phenomenal spiritual mentor - This great person, without him, the journey to a better mental state wouldn't have just been. "Hope" is a word I had forgotten the meaning of. He made me remember it again and he does this for a lot of people on a daily basis without expecting much in return. If only 10% of his qualities have rubbed off me, I can safely state that I have lived life as a good human being.  Blessed to have met him. And yeah, he really didn't need to do what he does to people - touching their lives - but he still does - that's why I'm eternally grateful for having him in mine. 

These are three things which matter the most in my life and I'm grateful for them!.

More on well being soon. 



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