Wednesday, February 6, 2019

#635 : Dance With Me by PG Van : Review

The protagonist, Suhana, fresh out of divorce from her husband of 14 years is struggling to find a footing and raise their only son Karan. Amidst all this, videos of her dancing and working out while doing her household chores go viral. In appears Samyan, her neighbor's son. He is handsome and caring, helping out Suhana with the various challenges of life. Eventually, one thing leads to another and life literally happens. 

The book is a short yet intense read. The writing is great, the characters are perfect. One thing I had a problem with, was the setting. While the characters feel almost Indian, the story is set in America. This wasn't really clear until few pages down. It didn't really matter at all in the end, but I prefer to know the geography of the setting. 

The central theme of the book is all about second chances. Moving out from a fruitless relationship and finding love sounds very romantic and easy. The hard work, the emotional trust one has to put in and the trauma one has to experience due to a heart break of sorts if often swept beneath the rug or at times over romanticized. However, this writer has portrayed all that in correct proportions. Moreover, in spite of going through all that, it is hard to move on and rediscover yourself. The writer did a fab job making sure Suhana discovers her passion for dancing. 

In short, the book was an intense and romantic read. 

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Note : Thanks to TBC & the writer for a review copy! 


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