Tuesday, February 5, 2019

#634 : Women In Business - Introduction

At one of point of time in their career, every working woman would have dreamt of quitting their job and taking up a business. Then there are the others, who actually took that plunge and are doing a fabulous job out of it. 

Social media has become a great playing field for small time entrepreneurs. Instagram particularly is buzzing with entrepreneurs who start small yet are steady with their sales. Women these days are finding it easier to gain much needed exposure via social media. 

While offline businesses pose a huge volume of challenges, online businesses are comparatively easier to handle. One can manage a good online business with a proper website, some social media skills, and a reliable delivery system. The legal part of the whole set up is a tad bit complicated though with GST kicking in. 

Being an extensive user of social media, I've had the opportunity of meeting (virtually & offline too) and interacting with many women who run successful small time businesses. Most of the women  I interacted with have either had to give up their career because of their family commitments or they were just done being tied down to a monotonous job. Then there are this minority of young women - who are in college or school or have just completed their college education - who use their spare time or have that thirst to prove themselves trying their hands in running a business. 

Such women need to be lauded for doing what they are doing. They serve as an inspiration for young women who need to be taught the value of financial independence. 

Why "women" only you ask? 

Frankly, this is a no-brainer. The board rooms of big corporates and conglomerates hardly have female representation. How many big businesses are run by women today? a handful may be. These so called big businesses didn't begin big, it all started small. For all we know, these women run small businesses might grow big and that skewed gender ratio there might gain a balance. It's not wrong to dream and hope. 

It's my small way of showing support to women how are aspiring to set that ratio right. 

All this month, I plan to post snippets of conversations I had with such small business owners who predominantly have a business online (some have offline presence too). First post coming up some time towards this weekend!

Please do support these people by visiting their stores and buying from them! 

PS. THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. The whole series is purely my initiative. I hand picked all the women to be featured and reached out to them to feature them.



  1. We run two businesses small scale. Prolyfis consulting works Pvt Ltd -it is a digital marketing and content writing company and recently we have started our catering business-maharashtrian food in Chennai. A good post yet again from you.


  2. Thank you Shreelekha! Do reach out to me via my mail ID on the about me section :)

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