Friday, February 1, 2019

#633 : The Month that was - January round up!

 I embarked into the New Year with a vague plan in mind. I wanted to bring my life to an order, but chaos reined and continues to do so. Amidst all the personal chaos, I managed to write about 5 posts (This one included) out of which only two were reviews. However, I did read 6 books in this month. I've never really kept track of the number of books I read per month, but this month, inspired by Bookstagram, I decided to keep a track.

Here is what I read! 


I picked up Elanor Oliphant as the bookstagram community was raving about it. It felt mildly over rated, nevertheless, the writer did a great job of portraying a trauma and it's effect on adulthood. Me Before wasn't really on my list but I picked it up on a whim. I wanted to watch the movie since Emilia Clark was in it, but it's always a good thing to read a book before watching the movie. The Forest of Enchantments was also surprise addition to the list. I didn't want to read any of Chitra B Divakurni's other works after The Palace of Illusions. That book for me is such a high benchmark and from the reviews of other books, I knew she hadn't really surpassed herself. Personally, I felt it would some how lessen the impression I had on the writer if I read her other  below the bar books. Braved that notion I had and picked the book. It didn't exactly fail me but it wasn't mind blowing like The Palace of Illusions was. I also had the chance to meet her in person and get my copy autographed. 

The Chef's Secret was a great addition to the list. I loved reading ever bit of that book. P.S. From Paris was on my kindle for a long time. After the Italy effect, I decided to move to France. The book felt like an American movie or may be things were lost in translation? 

I loved Six of Crows series, with The King of Scars out, I wanted to read the Grishaverse series for  a bit of a background. It's a book you would either come to hate with all might or love equally. I'm yet to really decide if I like it or hate. I loved the writing, the suspense element, but the characterization and story line was disappointing. I've just stared the next in the series. 

I did a bit of planning for the blog for February & March. Something very interesting coming up from Monday. Lookout for it. I had a blast interacting with many people for it. 

On the life front, I managed to attend The Hindu Lit for Life. Nothing really inspiring. Lit fests are supposed to spark inspirations for aspiring writers, but I felt the quality of the event as such has degraded a lot. It was a common opinion that the panelists were mostly clueless about the topic they were discussing and the moderators were even  more average. I still remember Sashi Tharoor's and Omar Abdulla's enlightening speeches from previous editions. They really did know what they were talking about. This year it was all pseudo intellectual trash barring a couple of sessions. 

I began making some tweaks to my diet since I realized the importance of nutrition. Slogging in the gym taught me that. 

Overall, January was an okay-ish month. Nothing really exciting, but that's how my life is most of these days!

Am I looking for excitement? Nope. I'm perfectly fine with my boring life.



  1. How can a writer's blogger's book reader's life be boring? You read so many books. Kudos

    1. Thank you :) When you are tied down with a boring job and can't read as much as you wish to, life can be boring :'(