Saturday, December 29, 2018

#626 : Aphrodite's Tears by Hannah Fielding : Review

This was the last book I had read in 2017. One of the best read of that year. Took you an year to review you ask? I had been under the impression that I had written about it, but when I searched for it to recommend this book to a friend, I realised I  hadn't. Better late than never!

Oriel Anderson, the female protagonist, is offered a diving expedition job in the beautiful and elusive Greek island of Helios. She is thrilled at the prospect of it but it is short lived when she finds out that the expedition is headed by Damian Lekkas - The handsome young man with whom she spent one magical night. Damian literally seduces her but his past seem to get in between them. 

Intense, passionate, exquisite - these are the perfect words to describe the story and the writing. Having read this writers books before, I literally anticipated enticing descriptions of beautiful landscape, interesting history, strong-emotional-complex-intense characters all bound by a perfect story line. This story, it's characters, the narration is by far the best by this writer. There were few scenes - the one where Oriel and Damian have dinner in his house, the one where she spends a night in the beach and that when they go for a dive - they were all utterly beautiful to read. Her words transported me to Greece! 

Rich prose, perfect narration and a great story line - A must read book if you love romance. Pure unadulterated romance - not like the instant coffee types of romance that is dished out these days in the name of a romantic novels. 

Do buy this book here on Amazon.


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