Wednesday, December 19, 2018

#625 : A Game of Pawns by Shantheri Mallaya, Shubhra Rishi & Vinay Kumaar : Review

With no blurb to go on from Goodreads or Amazon, this book was a truly blind read of the year. I prefer to know the pulse of the story before I nose dive into reading it, but once in a while it is good to go blind and I decided this book would be my once in a while case for the year. Did I regret or rejoice? Neither. This was that one book I couldn't decide an opinion on. I kept procrastinating the task of penning down my thoughts as I couldn't reach a conclusion.

The story has multiple distinctive shades which tried to amalgamate into one solid form, but wasn't really successful at it. What began as quite a confusing story line in the start, ended up being a read with a solid impact towards the end. There are multiple story lines which eventually converge into the causes and pieces of a bigger game at play, thus justifying it's apt title. 

The characters were quite interesting with their own quirks, but a detailed description with more shades would really have made a difference. The characters felt as though they were written with an intention to be a part of a mini web series. They story by itself felt that way! I personally would have preferred a narration with richer visual imagery but the story by itself doesn't need much of that. 

A good read if you looking for a byte sized thriller. 

PS. I've have never ever written a review without mentioning a character or even a part of the story line. Since the writers have chosen not make the story line public in terms of the blurb, I decided to follow suit to keep it as mysterious as they intend it to be.

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