Monday, December 17, 2018

#624 : Roark by Aarti V Raman : Review

Cowboy romance is one sub-genre of romance I have not explored much. Three books is all I managed in 4 years of reading romance. There is this annoying stereotype that this genre is all about brawny hero and damsel in need of rescue - which is such a put off to read about. The last book that I read was quite gloomy and wasn't in spirit with the season that is - The looming New Year. In need of a change in mood and throwing the prejudice outside the window, I picked up this book - a decision I didn't regret one bit.

Brawny hero - check.
Damsel in distress - check.
Damsel in need of rescue - check again! But this is where the twist really is!

In spite of fitting into all the prejudice I had with this genre, the story was refreshing to read. The damsel in question, KC is an automobile engineer with a turbulent past. Roark, our brawny hero - the almost love of her life is just leagues away from the grease monkey that she is. Will this relationship ever work? Is there a relationship in the first place to begin with?

Having read the writer's previous works, writing wise, I was quite comfortable and loved the characterization every bit. The story was fluid and had quite a bit of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. The characters are sketched out so well that I was taking turns rooting for either of them at one point.

Indian writers, especially the self published ones, often come under a harsh spectrum of attacks on their writing and are accused of trying to ape Americans. Cowboys do belong to America. Never in a point it ever felt like I was reading a book by an Indian. It was as good as the three other cowboy romances I read by people from that country. Undoubtedly, originality sparkles and shines through all the dirt and this story was every bit original!

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