Friday, August 10, 2018

#615 : Killer Moves by Varsha Dixit : Review


Having read almost all of this writer's previous works which were hardcore romance, I was quite curious and eager to read a thriller from her. Aisha's mundane screen-writing life turns topsy turvy when her niece Kiara goes to goa with a rumored killer-photographer for a photoshoot. Kiara's life is threatened and Aisha is forced to empty her closet of secrets to save her life and her life too in the end. 

Most writers often take for granted the importance of solid characterisation while writing a thriller. It is important to build that layer by layer image to derive motive and means which is very vital to keep the readers hooked to a thriller. Given that the writer is experienced in writing romance which highly relies on characterisation, doing the characterisation for this book would have been a piece of cake. All the characters were just perfect and had enough shades to them. All of the characters - be it the primary ones like Aisha, Kiara, Kabir or the secondary ones like Parth had enough value and time on the story. The other highlight was the no fluff approach in the characterisation. Each character had just the shade enough for this book with minor loose ends which hints at a sequel. 

The plot was good, with one slight loophole - I don't wish to elaborate on this as I can't do so without giving away spoilers. It plotting was fast paced and had enough twist points till the end. However, somewhere towards the end when Aisha comes back to Mumbai, I felt the writer literally rushed the story a bit. That part could have been slower. The supernatural twist completely caught me off guard. I really didn't see that coming! Given the story involved grotesque murders, the writer has done a good job of describing the emotions, but again, I felt the romance part of the story was a little bit forced. The chemistry wasn't just somehow right. 

Overall, the book was one hell of a thriller! Killer moves in deed! 


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