Sunday, July 1, 2018

#610 : The Problem With Him (Opposite Attracts #3) by Rachel Higginson : Review

People who cook for a living are truly intimidating in a sense that, they excel at such a daunting task. Apart from having watched enough episodes of Hell's kitchen and Masterchef, I have no idea of how a restaurant's kitchen functions. The promise of a electrifying romance in a kitchen sounded way too fascinating to pass. 

Kaya, the central character, is a Sous chef in one of Durham's famous restaurant, Lilou. The other main character Wyatt, her boss, is the head chef. They are literally like Tom and Jerry in the kitchen, constantly at loggerheads with each other. Wyatt thinks he has earned his position as the head chef after their previous boss - Killian quit, while Kaya thinks she deserved the position more and Wyatt got it only because he was a male and that was a default choice. Eventually, Kaya tries to move out and go get her own kitchen that she deserves. 

The summary is just too good and thankfully the story lived up to the punch that the summary delivered. Finding a book with a good summary and a equally good story is rare. More often than not, writers either overdo or underplay the book-back blurb. One notable aspect is the voice and tone of the blurb. The writer has made a very clever use of first person narration in the story. It made more sense to read such a different story line in first person. The characterisation was good - Kaya's character was so funny and well thought of. One peeve point for me here - The writer focused on all characters equally, but there are a handful of characters like that of Veera's which were mildly superficial. One thing I relate much with the story as such is the issue of gender inequality in certain areas of work - the writer has infused such a serious topic quite easily into the story. Being from a male dominant field myself, reading how Kaya triumphed through all of it was such a boost to me personally.

In short, the book was an entertaining and different read! 

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  1. This books sounds good, maybe because I havent read a book based on chefs and around kitchen. Added to tbr. #LiveItYoungReads #MyFriendAlexa