Friday, June 22, 2018

#609 : The Soldier Prince (Royals of Stellangård Saga #1) by Aarti V. Raman

Men in uniform  again - been reading back to back books with male protagonists broken emotionally to varying degrees. Throw in a royal twist to the soldier character - a potentially heady cocktail. This is what exactly this story and it's characters were. Alexander Heinrickson is the spare prince of an idyllic and exotic sounding country in Europe. He chooses to abandon royalty and become a soldier after a particularly horrifying incident which changed his life forever. Fast forward to years later - he works in construction, craving a royal life for going back is not really an option for him. Enter our female protagonist - Sasha Ray - Waitress and aspiring teacher who eventually ends up saving his life and getting dragged into a complex web of problems that the royalty of Stellangard faces. 

The characterization is perfect with each incident adding layers and shades to each character. Alexander's sister's character mildly reminds me of the goth princess character - Princess Elanor from The Royals series on E! Channel. However, the similarity stops just there. The story is paced very evenly with byte sized twists and turns which eventually leads to a larger twist. This exactly where the writer kicked ass with her layering techniques. I kind of kept hoping for an ending very similar to what the writer have put in. The visual description of the Stellangard and the fight scenes were narrated vividly. It was such a visual treat to read. 

In spite of the setting of the story being a bit cliched for obvious reasons, it felt great to finish reading this book. More often that not, royal romances tend to be inspired by the most popular royal family - of that of the UK. Thankfully, this story does not draw inspiration from them. In short, this is a great read for lovers of royal romance and thriller. 


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