Wednesday, June 20, 2018

#608 : A Hasty Hookup by Varsha Dixit : Review


The idea of an Army man as a protagonist in a romantic book is so enticing. Hooking up with a man in uniform would surely have been every girl's teenage fantasy. For reasons unfathomable, some women are infatuated by emotionally broken men and an army man fits that bill perfectly. Immense trauma of being a part of the war can leave people emotionally broken even if they are trained hard not to be. The writer has probably used this notion to maximum advantage in her story. Gina Bansal, the protagonist of the story is married to the utterly broken and crippled army man Ojas purohit. She fled from her marriage and started a new life in a foreign land, leaving all her close friends and her parents. She finds love (or so she thinks) and decides to come down to India to end her marriage for good. The husband - Ojas, is a bitter man and their past (which is not elaborated in this book) prevents him from co-operating and granting her a divorce. 

The writer has obviously written this book with an intent of making it into a series. However, unlike her books in the previous series (The Right & Wrong series), this book has a perfect cliffhanger ending. Nevertheless, the cliff hanger ending felt slightly deliberate. The characterization is borderline good, but each character needs to be given a wee bit more background. The next book in the series might probably have that as the story is nowhere near complete. The part about the wallflowers - the friends who try to get her divorce done - has a separate book - The Wallflowers. It is recommended to read that if you prefer having the complete background. I was okay with the glimpses of characterization the writer managed to add in this book. I do intend to read that book as this motley group of women sound quite interesting. 

The structuring and writing in general is good, the writer has given out tiny pointers to leave the readers pondering about Ojas & Gina's history which is hopefully going to be elaborated in the next book ( or has probably been done in the prequel, which I have not read). 

One good read if you are looking to start a new series and can wait patiently enough for the next one. The writer has just skimmed the layer of the actual story in this book with plenty of questions left unanswered. Might not be a good idea to start the series now if you are restless and lack patience. 

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