Thursday, May 31, 2018

#606 : Himalaya Facial Wipes : Review

Wipes have a permanent spot in my bag. The hot and humid weather combined with dusty rickety roads and the short but horrible commute to work place demands that I use stellar products to take care of my skin. Wipes seem to be the convenient solution if I'm running late and do not have time to wash my face once I reach work. Of course, it comes with it's own disadvantages - not Eco-friendly, spreads bacteria and so on, but one has no option but to use such products in times of dire need. 

The alcoholic smell combined with heavy perfume and the wetness by itself causes minor breakouts upon excessive usage. However that is purely the nature of the product. 

I've recently begun to avoid harsh chemicals and have started using organic or herbal products. Himalaya wellness is a brand I've been using for a quite a while now. There is indeed quite a big debate about the authenticity of the ingredients, but look at it this way - the brand  is at least working on incorporating natural products instead of using chemicals all the way. 

Stumbling upon Himalaya Purifying Neem Facial wet wipes has been one of the best things that's happened to me in recent times. The wipes are non-alcoholic and have a distinctive smell which can slightly be overwhelming if you are sensitive to strong fragrances. Upon application, the skin stings mildly but feels very refreshing once done wiping. I was quite worried because of the stinging sensation, but surprisingly nothing happened. It brought out all dirt and grime that stuck to my face leaving it fresh and visibly brighter. I've been using these wipes for a while now and it has not adversely affected my skin. I've also tried wiping of my make up with these wipes - needless to say, it's super effective. I've not used it on my lips or the area around my eyes owing to the stinging sensation. 

They also do have another line of wipes - The Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial wipes. Again, this line is also non-alcoholic. Like the Neem one, this also has a mild pungent fragrance. Unlike the Neem one, this does not sting or react with the skin. Upon application my skin felt moist and supple. However this was not as effective as the Neem one in cleaning away the dust. As the product name clearly states, it is purely moisturizing and can be used in cold climate when your skin is all dry and cracked. 

The ingredients in both the products seems to be a mix of natural extracts and chemicals - of which I know nothing about. 

The smell and the packaging is something the brand really needs to work on. The packaging is quite typical, which means that the covering label eventually loses it's adhesive quality exposing the wipes to the environment. 

The edge that this wipe has over other brands is clearly its non-alcoholic composition. It's a better solution when compared to normal wipes. 

Note: Himalaya wellness in collaboration with Social beat media sent me a beautiful care package for review. However, this does not impact my opinion about the product in any way. 
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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