Tuesday, May 29, 2018

#605 : Make-up for Rookies

I seem to be in that phase of life where everyone I know is either getting married or having kids or celebrating their kid's birthdays. Going around all decked up, is such a daunting task or so I discovered a couple of years ago. I never really cared for makeup at all. Wearing a Kaajal and a some odd color of lipstick was makeup for me. Fast forward to today, I managed to successfully hunt down for the perfect foundation with compact and the whole yard for my skin. It wasn't an easy journey, but it was something I wanted to do for myself. There are a couple of people who helped me to make sure I didn't end up looking like a clown - Sindhu JP - fellow blogger - she gave me pointers in picking the foundation.

So first, before I go on about the makeup, skin care has always been my priority. I never load my face with things. I keep myself hydrated and invest in taking care of my skin. I eat enough fruits and ensure to use herbal products. So the make up I do is rudimentary.

Pre-Makeup Routine

My skin is oily and the makeup tends to get all cakey and drippy in this blistering heat. To prevent that, it is important to cleanse and keep the face as dry as possible. I use Aroma Magic's White Tea & Chamomile Face wash which does a fairly good job of cleaning the skin and keeping it moist instead of oily. I follow it up with Pure Body Natural's Dead sea mud mask. I skip the mask if I'm in a hurry, otherwise I normally apply the mask 4 hours before I put on the make up. I do this if I stay indoors. The mask is way too good. It balances out the oil and removes all dirt and grit from the skin making it look visibly healthier.

The Make-up

This is by no way an expert advice. Just sharing my experience in wading through tonnes of products and millions of options. A one hour solo trip to Sephora Spain left me all confused and disoriented. I actually stepped into buy a Fenty foundation (The one formulated by Rihanna and had the world talking about it), unfortunately, they didn't stock my shade and more over, it was way out of budget for a some one like me who doesn't use make up daily.

Moisturize - After cleansing, the skin needs to me moisturized to ensure the make up slides over easily. A primer can also be used which would even out the skin tone and fill up pores/bumps on your skin. When I tried out my foundation ( I shopped for it on Lifestyle) the beautician used Maybelline's Gigi Hadid primer - It wasn't really a Primer. A primer is essentially supposed to blur pores and smooth things out, but this primer kind of contoured my face. So I decided to skip buying this. Instead, I decided to use my regular moisturizer - Sisbela Diamond  - Found this gold mine of a cream in my regular supermarket during my time in Spain. It is slightly greasy on application but dries out quickly, however when I finished applying the make up with the setting spray it seemed fine.


Foundation - This is the basic layer of the make up which one needs to get right. Picking the right foundation to suit your skin can be tricky. One tip here - you can either visit a beauty store without any research work about the shades and rely upon the skills of the sales person to help you pick one or you can follow youtubers with the same skin shade as yours. With way too many brands flooding the market it is really hard to choose and pick, especially for a novice. 

Here are some hacks I swear by,

1. Research Major Market Players - Segment-wise. I picked the lower segment - Lakme, Maybelline - Works just fine for Indian skin. 

2. Research Product line - Both the brands I mentioned have a large line of products with different bases suited for different skin types. Foundations can be liquid, powder or mousse type. I use liquid foundation. I've not tried the powder or the mousse ones. 

3. Cost - Make up can literally burn a hole in your pocket. There would always be a trade off between cost, finish and quality. I prefer to balance the cost and quality. Finish largely depends on what you are aiming for. I prefer to just ensure that my face looks bright. 

I use Maybelline's Dream Satin range of foundation, Shade O4. I blend it using my finger tips or at times use the brush I have for foundation. 

Compact - Picking the right compact is slightly easier if you get the foundation right. Again, it is better to go with the same brand as that of the foundation because they normally have a compact shade to go with the foundation. However, if you are planning to buy the compact from a different brand, same tips above apply. 

I use Maybelline's Dream Satin Skin P01 shade. The sponge given along with the compact is not really useful to blend in the powder. So I use a powder applicator brush for it. The box deserves a special mention. It's so compact, handy and also has a neat mirror. 

Eyeliner - I'm extra careful with eye make up products. It is recommended to throw away eye care products regularly simply because the area around the eye is sensitive. I picked up Lotus Herbal's eyeliner which comes with a solid liner tip. One just needs a little bit of practice to put it on. I wouldn't really recommend this one for various reasons but I'm making do with this until I find a better organic alternative 

Kaajal - A product I use almost daily. Gives volume to my teeny tiny eyes. I've been alternating between Biotique and SoulTree. SoulTree smells a lot like the natural Kaajal my grandmother used to prepare for us when we were kids. However, both unlike other brands,  are not smudge free. One ought to be conscious not to rub their eyes or turn their tear glands on to ensure that they don't end up looking like a cat with bogey discharge. 

Mascara - Again a product which ought to be throw away after 2 months. I'm genetically blessed with good lashes and eyebrows. Hence I don't really concentrate on this product. Again I use Lotus herbal's Mascara. 

Eye-shadow - A product I don't really focus on, but I do use it. I've been use Maybelline's Blushed Nudes. The pigments are so rich and the palette has instruction about various combinations which work well. 

Setting Spray - This product is totally worth the investment. Especially if you have oily skin. I use NYX's Matte finish spray. Gives that neat look. This is the magic product that you totally need to get that bright look. 

Lipstick - I recently splurged on a MAC - Mehr shade. The perfect pink nude according to me. Nothing really to elaborate here. I use a lip scrub made out of sugar and aloe vera an hour before applying the lipstick. Works like magic immaterial of the lipstick I use. 

I've not used contouring products and bronzers which are a rage these days. 

Hope this helps! What products do you use? Comment away, lets discuss good makeup :) 



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