Tuesday, April 17, 2018

#603 : In Search Of..........

What does a human being want from life?

A question which seemingly has a truckload of answers - none of which really make sense. Is it Money? Love? Food? Affection? Gratification? Control?

Trying to find an answer for that question is like trying to find the mitochondria on your skin with naked eyes. It just cannot be found, one has to either trust the scientist who says it is present or they have to resort to finding a microscope which can help find it.

Rising intolerance, rapes and other heinous crimes makes one (a normal human being specifically) wonder as to what drove these people do what they did. Nothing justifies their act but it is strangely intriguing to know what made them to do what they did. What did they want in life? What can a possibly motivate a person to rape a 8 year old child who probably doesn't even know that her privates could be used for things other than nature calls. That search to attain something in life is vicious. Now that they have raped and murdered the girl, achieving whatever they intended to, would they stop and be happy at that? A million dollar question either a higher being or a time traveller can answer. Moving on from rapists to the sophisticated killers who bombed an entire country in suspicion that the country in question stocked chemical weapons. What would the person who ordered such attacks - whosoever they might have been - have searched for in their life? Would it be destruction? Control? Power? Would they stop at this? Would the search in their life ever end?

Now that it has been established that it is pointless to even phantom as to what the human race is in search for or what they think is the purpose of their life is - the next question is automatically irrelevant. The next question logically would be as to if the "search" in question is justified. When it is not clear as what a human being really wants, it is automatically irrelevant to question the authenticity and humanity in the means and method or the very "search". In light of the reason friction and inhuman happenings nothing can possibly be justified.

In short, there can never be an answer for what a human wants from life until the evil is flushed out of the word - Utopian fantasy really. Nothing really a human wants can be justified.