Monday, February 26, 2018

#601 : The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri - A Review


It is not often that one comes across a book so well written technically yet finds it difficult to like it. I've been reading books since I was 6 and been writing about them on public platforms for the past 5 years. There have been just a handful of times when I struggled to give a rating and justify it. The whole concept of rating some human's effort is such a hard thing to do. This book left me wanting to pull out my hair - I couldn't decide upon a rating. I settled for a three star writing. I hope to justify it below.

The writing and characterization - These are two things which forms the base of any story apart from the story itself. The writer managed to get one of this perfect and the other almost perfect. The writing was just perfect. I literally fell in love with Teesta river. Exploring north east has been on my bucket list for long, reading this story made me want to be there. Places and people came alive in his writing. The characterization was almost perfect, barring one minor flaw in one character - Fiona - I couldn't really digest that she didn't grow out of that shell she went into sooner. However, this writer must have had his own convictions to do so. Overall, very fluid and beautiful writing.

The Story - This is where my problem lies. The story was a good one. Writing a story around death is not an easy thing to do. When emotions are in play, logic might as well be thrown out of the window. What matters is the sequence of events as such. It is understandable that the story is more character and emotion-centric given the theme, but after a point it was quite easy to predict what was coming next. It felt like yet another old movie where two people are joined by their fate. It is hard to explain much without giving away the plot, yet I am trying my best. Towards the end, I felt as if the writer had to resort to certain cliches to give the story an ending. The common solution to a conflict might not essentially be a best one. It is not always necessary to tie down everything with a beautiful ribbon in the end. That's really why I broke my head over the rating. The story had nothing really wrong with the climax as such but it was something I didn't really like. The writer - whose words seem to be almost magical - could have chosen differently, but he did what he thought was best and I didn't like it. Simple.

It is book worth picking up in spite of the cliched story line.

Note - The book was a review copy from the writer in exchange for a honest review.


  1. Thank you so much, Shree, for your lovely, honest review. I'm so glad that you liked my writing. It's a big achievement that an avid reader like you liked my writing and characterization. I will work on my storytelling skills to dilute the predictability factor in my next book. :)

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