Thursday, July 13, 2017

#576 : A "Gold"-en Opportunity

Writing is an absolute joyful activity for me, just that I'm always in a state of confusion as to what to write. Thanks to Mehta Jewellery and to Chennai Bloggers Club for prompting me to write about one person I haven't written about much.

The supreme being has blessed me with great people in my life. Particularly, the men in my life are nothing short of being stellar. My father, my husband, my grandfather,and my mentor - the constant men in my life are literally the driving force who have guided me and continue to support me in all my endeavors. I have written much about my father and my grandfather, it is high time I wrote about the man who entered my life much later and flipped it completely - My husband, Vignesh. Of course, one post about my mentor is also in the cards!

So where do I begin! We've known each other for enough time, to be overlook our quirks and shortcomings. He is the first male best friend I had and he continues to be that friend who is there for me no matter what. That transition from being a friend to a romantic interest can't possibly be defined in our case. It just happened. He has stood by me in my lowest times and has stuck to me firmly when I did my best to push him away.

We women always end up having high expectations when it comes to a romantic interest or a life partner, thanks to the insane benchmarks our fathers set. Though there are exceptions to this theory, my case is not one of them. If I were to bench mark my dad as the perfect man, I would possibly never find a life partner at all. I have to thank my mother for drilling one thing into my thick head - My father is what he is because he is my father. He might be a different person as a husband, but he is a different person as such as a father. Expecting the same from a life partner would be nothing short of idiocy. Vignesh comes across as being a shy and reserves person. That's actually a facade. He is warm, witty, mischievous and a caring  person. Doesn't such a man who can put up with my extremities deserve the best?

It is a custom of my family, to present the groom with a bracelet, a ring and a chain during the wedding. When I read about the exclusive men collection and visited Mehta jewellery's website, I was left totally despaired. If only they had come up with this 8 months ago!

Jewellery shopping is one thing I absolutely hate. I abhor the very prospect of wearing pieces of that gold and bright metal. Nope. Gold is not for me. However, for once, I wanted to shop personally for the ornaments that were to be gifted for  him. My man deserved the best and I wanted to ensure it. I've never witnessed my father buying gold for himself. My husband would probably follow suit and never shop for himself. Probably these pieces that are being gifted are the only pieces of jewellery that he would own and use in his life time for himself. I was thoroughly disappointed with the collection available in the market and had to settle for something which was just okay and not mind blowing.

Surprisingly, none of the shops I visited had an exclusive men collection. All they had were the boring traditional stuff. It is indeed a pleasant surprise to know that at least one jeweller has taken a very sensible decision to bring in Men's collection which is inspired by the Royal Enfield bike. My man is just the opposite of what that bike personifies. Owing a Bullet bike is synonymous to being a enigmatic and a hunk of a person. It takes a lot to tame a 500cc bike! That hand crafted beauty of a machine is an owner's pride, just like the sophisticated men's collection that Mehta jewellery has come up with. However, doesn't a perfect gentleman like him deserve this sophisticated collection of jewel and that beauty of a bike?

It's never too late and I inted to visit the shop soon to buy these very pieces which caught my fancy from the website.

[gallery ids="5057,5055" type="rectangular"]

The bracelet looks absolutely stunning and perfect! That chain with pendant - isn't it something unique!

Vignesh, you are worth more than the gold I can offer, but this is my way of showing that you hold a special place in my heart!

- This blog is written for “Ride the Royal” contest organised by Mehta Jewellery for their exclusive men’s collection.
- Visit and browse their other collections as well.