Monday, May 29, 2017

#569 : V - Verne, Jules

It was the year 2002. It was my second year at the new school. I had begun to mingle well and made friends. I  was just another ordinary girl with average grades. The only thing people would really remember me was for my hair. I had cut it into a bob and it spread out densely like a tree's canvas. I was ridiculed and compared with a then popular god man. It wasn't upsetting really, I had a reputation for having particularly thick skin. That's when I won a competition conducted annually by my school. I don't remember which now though. The prize was a Jules Verne book - Around the world in eighty days. An abridged simple version. I still have it safely locked away in my book shelf at mum's place. As expected, I finished reading the book in one sitting.

VJules Verne.jpg

Jules Verne was a popular French writer and novelist whose works were influential on literary avant-garde and  surrealism. In fact, he is one the most widely misunderstood writer in my opinion for his books have been translated and abridged heavily. A clear case of loss in translation perhaps.

Realisation dawned upon me upon reading a translated version of his other famous work - Journey to the centre of the earth. The version of around the world in eighty days I read (and own), was obviously meant for children and teenagers probably. This book has a very pleasant memory attached to it. Does it matter if it not the original work. Absolutely not! Oh and I never managed to finish reading Journey to the centre of the Earth. Clearly not my type of a book!


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