Thursday, May 25, 2017

#565 : R - Rowling, Joanne

One topic/post I didn't want to write. For someone who has never shied away from proclaiming my wonder and love for this particular writer, this feeling of not wanting to write seems a bit new. There was a time when I had plenty of fellow "Potter heads" to discuss things theories, but then we all grew up. That innocence, that feeling of mutual inclusion faded away. Elitism started to creep in. Thus I started to distance myself from that crowd. I didn't belong. I didn't want to belong. Not to a crowd which taunts others for not having read Harry Potter or for not getting that yet another Potter reference they used. As a matter of fact, I thought it was just me who was feeling this, turns out not. During a random conversation with a writer of friend of mine, he casually mentioned that I wasn't a Potter-head. I was perplexed. To him, being a Potter -head means dropping a Harry Potter reference and not coming out of that world. Is that what JK Rowling taught us in first place? I ask that question to myself today.

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By penning down Harry's character, JKR taught us how to be level headed and not discriminate. Harry is just another average boy with average skills born under extraordinary circumstances. She taught us, it is okay to be average as long as one knows the true meaning of loyalty, friendship and unconditional love. By penning down the character of Hermione, she taught us that being studious is okay. You may be mocked for it, but it shouldn't deter you from doing what you do the best. By penning down Ron's character, she taught us being goofy is okay, what matters most is the sense of loyalty and integrity. Luna Lovegood - The perfect example of an outcast. Yet she goes on being just herself and doesn't put up and act to belong. Rubeus Hagrid - That man is innocence personified. He is the perfect example of why one ought to have a big heart.

I know I'm kicking up a hornet's nest. If you feel angry upon reading the first paragraph, I'm sorry, I'm not responsible for it. I'm not generalising, this is just a first hand account of what I've experienced.

Dear Rowling, I sincerely apologise on behalf of people who have failed you in the name of being pure fans! You taught us better.


  1. Thank God someone feels it's not mandatory to have read Harry Potter or watched the movies. ☺

    Because I have never read or watched the potter series.

    But I want to read what's in that book that made it so famous.

    Keep up the pace, Janani.

  2. Thank you Raja for dropping by.

    Trust me, it's worth a read.I still re-read the series when I feel I've lost all hope in my life. That has a little back story here. Do read this piece -