Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#562 : O - Outlines

Plot outlines - My favourite task to do. The one task I excel at! I love planning things in general and I prefer to be organised. Every time I sit down to write a story, I normally thrown in few words in the name of an outline. However, at one point, I felt I should probably let creativity flow instead of planning and restricting things. That's when I stumbled about script writing. Writing a novel and writing a script are two very different things. However, I've come to learn that writing a script can improve your sense of setting and character formation. I tried my hand at a script writing course from edX only to leave it midway due to lack of time.


Here are the two important things I picked up,

  1. There are three  major areas which could be thought out before writing so as to get a clear picture. Starting Incident,Crisis and Resolution. That's a very broad way of grouping a series of incidents. Is it necessary to maintain this structure? Absolutely not. Creative freedom gives you the warrant skipping of any part!

  2. Scene outline. This is helpful if you are in a rut or are suffering from a serious case of writers block. This is activity might be boring, but it does the trick to come out of that rut.

Here is a surprising example from my favourite writer. Prior to the usage of Excel sheets, thing were done on a paper and pen. Here is a JK Rowling's plot sheet which she shared on social media. One can learn a thing or two from that!


How do you plan your story? Do drop by your comments. This can really help aspiring writers like me!


  1. Bragadeesh PrasannaMay 24, 2017 at 9:56 AM

    I blame the lack of time here. You could have shared more of what you picked from the script writing class. But yes. Any novel can be broadly categorized into the inciting incident, crisis, and resolution. This works better in Americanized way of writing. The approach is towards let the scenes dictate the flow of the story. That is why we hear more of show and tell stuff. Russian Literature and Regional Literature have always broken this norm and quite successfully at that. You should read JJ some jottings (or better in Tamil JJ Sila kurippugal) about the way it broke all the literary norms and emerged as winner.

    Only few more letters to go.. You are awesome.

  2. That's all I picked up before I dropped out from the class! Will pick up the JJ book!

    Thank you for the suggestion and encouragement!