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#548 : B - Blyton, Enid

I debated between writing B for Blyton,Enid or C for Christie,Agatha. It was a rather difficult choice to make for both of them remain to be my favourite writers till date. I was compelled to pick Enid Blyton for a very simple. I devoured her books like there was no tomorrow before I moved on to tougher books like that of Agatha Chrisite's. The very base of my reading habit began with her books.

Fact File 

Name - Enid Mary Blyton

Pen Name - Mary Pollock

Nationality - British

Bibliography - Wiki

Born - 11 August 1897
East Dulwich, South London, England

Died  - 28 November 1968 (aged 71)
Hampstead, London, England
It's next to impossible to pick clear favorites, but I'd say the Malory Towers and the Famous Five series are clear favorites.

The Malory tower series chronicles the life of Darrell Rivers who begins her school life at Malory Towers in Cornwall. Initially, she is portrayed as this hot tempered girl who goes about making pranks. The character then grows up to be a stellar student who eventually leaves to University at St.Andrews along with her best friend, Sally Hope. The series also features Darrell's sister Felicity. My favorite book in the series of would be "In The Fifth at Malory Towers". In this edition from the series, Darrell is involved in writing a play for Christmas entertainment. The show turns out to be successfull in spite of hideous tricks played by Mam'Zelle and June. The story contains the typical usual amounts of ups and downs which would be typically involved when a life of teenager is chronicled. (Teenager, back when there are no phones or "other complications").

The Famous Five series are based on the adventures of five kids Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina (George) and Timmy (Their dog). They return home for summer vacations from their boarding school and go on to enjoy their holidays by camping. The story is often set in breezy rural locations where these kids discover and solve crimes. Due to immense popularity of the first eight books, Blyton went on to complete the series with 21 books which sold over hundred million copies.

Till date, when people ask me as where they ought to begin to inculcate reading habit, I normally suggest this very series. We aren't native English speakers. Though the story might seem a bit childish for an adult, this series is the best place to start to get comfortable with the flow of the language. Taking up  Stephen King right away would be a blunder!

The happiness of reading a nice warm story by Enid Blyton is unmatched! It's like  warm sunshine after a cold winter!

What are your favorite Enid Blyton books?!

PS. If you are contemplating giving me a gift in near future, please consider A collection of Enid Blyton's  books :-P

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