Thursday, May 18, 2017

#546 : A to Z Challenge - Theme Reveal

After much contemplation and hesitation, I've decided to take the plunge and take up the A-Z Challenge. I went into a rut after finishing the 100 days of blogging challenge. The inner animal in me, had dared me to take up that challenge, just to prove that I could achieve what was not expected of me. Just after I finished the challenge, I realised that some things weren't going to change. Immaterial of what I had achieved, snide comments and not so subtle remarks about me and my writing in general weren't going to stop (Oh they still don't show any signs of slowing down!). I realised that to garner such attention indirectly, I was doing something correct. With help from a couple of well wishers, I had eventually mastered the art of not raising up to the bait and giving a damn. Moreover, things at work-front had become too hectic and consuming, as a matter of fact, it still is maddening  and is showing no signs of reducing. This lead to that spark of wanting to write being killed off. These days, I spend a good deal of time reading books I've always wanted to and picking up new skills.

A post on the blogger forum I am part of, made me want to pick up blogging actively again. Insecurity and the lack of confidence hit me squarely on my face, my inner animal had gone into a slumber due to lack of proper motivation. A fellow blogger's inspiring text was all it took me to decide that I would write 26 posts (of Alphabets A to Z) with a certain theme and pattern. I got down to work, decided the theme and picked out the topics, all under an hour during my regular lunch break.


Picking out the theme was easy. This blog is all about me. In order to destroy that major writing block, I had to begin with something which I could relate on a very personal level. Stepping into the shoes of a character and waxing an eloquent tale wasn't going to cut it. At least not at this stage. So it seemed sensible to pick three things which people would associate me with - Science/Engineering, Writing and Books. I could just finish of 26 alphabets by writing about books, but right now, my life isn't all about books and I realised that of all these years of blogging, I've never written anything related to my education or profession. High time I did that.

As a kid, Physics and Chemistry were my favourite subjects. Though I loathed myself for agreeing to my dad's decision of pursuing engineering, I did love what I was learning and working on. I still do. I might whine and complain, but I am happy that I am not writing pages and pages of code. Writing was a habit which stuck on to me from a very young age. On the introspect, I can't possibly point out a time frame during which I started liking the task of stringing up words. Reading and me - We've had a long and strong bond. Needless to elaborate on that one.

So my A to Z challenge is going to be filled with snippets of what I what I picked up about writing over the years, a bit of Science/Engineering and about writers whose works I've enjoyed reading. A minimum of 3 posts per day, starting tomorrow - each about the three topics - is what I've planned. Hope you enjoy reading!

A special mention of thanks to two people - Raja Raman and Mahesh, for motivating me to write again.

A word of immense gratitude to hubby dearest who regularly keeps asking me (er... commanding me is more like it) as to when I am going to finish off the book I had started writing last year. I've just rekindle that urge to write, I hope to fall into a routine soon.

/*PS. Think twice before commenting that I'm not keeping up with the spirit of the challenge. This is a challenge from me to me. It would be wise to remember that one's nose is stuck on to their face. It is a god-made feature, best maintained that way. */

/* PPS. If you like what you are reading, please leave a feedback. Trust me, you'll bring a smile to my face and would have made my day. Pleasing me is that easy.*/


  1. I loved the P.S! Good luck and waiting to read your posts! :)

  2. Awesome Janani. This is a good start. Keep up the tempo. And thanks for the mention. In fact, I should thank you and Bragadeesh to have motivated me to write my short stories and take up the challenge.

    A word of appreciation to your hubby, who encourages you. Looking forward to read your posts.

  3. Thank you :-D Thanking you again for stopping by and making me write!