Monday, February 13, 2017

#540 : The Prince's Special Bride by Devika Fernando

Plot Summary 

Night manager and ordinary islander Marie doesn't need a knight in shining armour to rescue her from her misery. Not that she is miserable, just that having a loving companion doesn't hurt. In comes waltzing the handsome and smart Prince Christian of Taragonia. Sparks fly right from the start and she ends up accepting an invite to stay with Prince Christian's sister and her friend, Princess Olivia. Things go from bad to worse, thanks to the media and a fact that Marie is a commoner. Does this fairy tale involving royalty have a happy ending?

The Cover

Kind of looks a bit too ordinary for this extraordinary and well written tale. I would have preferred something a bit exquisite! 


​Well-balanced would be the word to describe the characterization. In the initial part of the story, the writer focused on Olivia's character and then gradually progressed to Marie's and Christian's character. She weaved little sub stories to bring in the human side of a character which was touted to be a stoic royal. However, one such sub story (where Christian flies over to Africa with Marie to find her parents but ends up saving people caught in floods) seemed little deliberately written to give depth to the character. Nevertheless, this didn't hamper the plot's flow. 

What worked

The characterization, the plot line and the writing in general were flawless. The romance between a commoner and a royal was written with a good sense of reality. Immaterial of the times we are in, a relationship between a person from the lower rung of the society in terms of income and stature with that of some one from the upper crust of the society doesn't not sit well. Civilization is yet to progress to a state where two people can love each other without having to think about their stature in the society. It is evident that the writer has researched well to sketch the characters and relationships between modern day royals and commoners.Thankfully she didn't portray the royals as people with way too much money which they flaunted meaninglessly. 

What could have been better

The writer chose the traditional method of scaring off a character to abandon the relationship - The case when media wrecks havoc in the relationship of a celebrity. I would have rather preferred an actual fight or argument between the protagonists. Just my perspective! 

Recommendation : For romance lovers! Clean, neat and well written book! 

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  1. What a lovely, detailed review. Thanks a lot.