Monday, February 6, 2017

#537 : The Alphabet Killer by Prachi Sharma : Review

The Plot - Summary

A cold blooded murder is on the loose in the busy streets of Mumbai haunting and preying on young woman. All his victims have one thing in common, they work for Mia Santos, the head strong feminist who is the editor of a successful magazine. Mia has a past, a very gruesome past which returns to haunt her in the form of these murders. But, who is the killer? How does he know her well guarded secret? In comes investigating office Damien. Will he crack the crime and catch the killer?

The Cover

It's simple and well illustrated, but the choice of color is a bit of cliche given that the protagonist is a feminist.


It is evident that Mia's character has been crafted with utmost care to ensure that she is hardened due to her past yet has a soft humane side. Damien's character however seemed to be a hit hazy and inconsistent. He started out being a proper cop and ended up becoming an almost puppet which didn't help the plot line as such. The killer's character was perfectly justified with proper motives, but all of it felt superficial. The negative character in Mia's past seemed more convincing than that of in the present. Other supporting characters were also crafted with perfection such that they fit into the story in a very ideal manner.

What Worked!

The book started off really well. The writer carried out alternate point of view narration in a perfect manner alternating between that of Mia's and the killers. The suspense element was kept alive till about mid way of the book. There we no logical loopholes or inconsistencies in the plot. The editing was air tight till about three fourth of the book. The story started out to be a thriller lover's delight totally.

What could have been better

The climax could have been twisted a bit. It was way too straightforward and predictable. I felt the editing and plot as such slacked a lot after such a good beginning. May be the first half of the book raised the bar and set my expectations high that the climax paled out in comparison. Damien's relationship with Mia though seemed realistic, it kind of ended up altering Damien's character as such. He didn't seem like a tough cop at all. That part of the story could have done with more tough emotions!

Recommendation - For thriller lovers. Brownie points for originality of plot and clean writing!

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Note : I received the book in exchange for an honest review! I thank the writer for the same.



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