Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#539 : At Close Range by Laura Griffin : Review

Plot Summary 

Double murder in a remote forest area. One victim shot at close range, other while escaping. The victims are rumored to have been in an affair while one of them was married. Seems like a classic case of revenge murder. Surprisingly, all markers point other wise. Investigative officer Daniele Harper chases all lead patiently only to hit a roadblock in spite of the mammoth amount clue markers. In comes blazing Scott black, the ballistics expert who helps Daniele crack the case. Sparks fly and they end up cracking the case just a tad too wide open! 

The Cover

The cover isn't really visually appealing, but it has been designed very tactfully in order to ensure that the reader doesn't end up judging the book by it's cover. The book back summary however, entices a reader enough to pick up the book! 


It is very hard to concentrate on characterisation when the plot line requires action rather than the characterisation. A romantic mystery, however, does provide that little space to manoeuvre and bring out various shades of characters, predominantly of the  protagonists. The writer evidently has made maximum use of this gap to show various shade of Dani's and Scott's character. Dani grows up crushing on her brother's friend, Scott and finally when they find each other, the connection is explosive. This connect doesn't occur immediately, but after the typical struggle between being in love and lusting. The writer has perfectly portrayed that period of trying to find each other. It was surprising to notice that other minor characters were also given their appropriate space balanced perfectly. 

What worked! 

The suspense element was kick-ass. The final twist was nothing short of being mind blowing. The writer evidently knows her way around crafting a perfect plot with enough markers to maintain that suspense element.The chemistry between Dani and Scott blended perfectly well into the story instead of sticking out. The story line line was well thought of and logically balanced. There weren't any glaring logical errors in the plot. The writing was well balanced. The perfect mix of both worlds - Romance and a good mystery. The writer beautifully slipped between both worlds, doing equal justice to them. That balance is what made this book a perfect romantic thriller. 

What could have been better

The story begins with two murders. Both the victims aren't given much characters. They sounded so cold and impersonal in a way. Had this been a wee bit different, the climax could have been better justified and would have also packed an emotional punch. Though the plot line was unpredictable, the motive to kill was justified flimsily. This is also the direct consequence of not elaborating on the victim's personality as such. That's my only qualm with the book! 

Recommendation : For mystery and romance lovers. Well balanced and perfect read! 

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Note : I received the book in exchange for an honest review via Tasty tours from the publishers on NetGalley! 


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