Sunday, February 19, 2017

#543 : Love, Truly!

Read Part 1 at my partner Vishnu's blog

I stepped out of my room to find dad and mom watching the telly. It was high time to have that conversation to them about Teddy. Though I was a bundle of nerves, I had to buckle up and bite the bullet, for true love cannot stay boxed up! 

"Dad,Mom, can I talk to you for a minute" I asked, in smallest possible voice. 

"Louder lady! I am not thirty anymore!" chortled my dad! My mum simply noded. She was sharp and so was her hearing! Oh dear, I grimmaced! 

"Dad, please. I need to talk you about something" I said. He muted the TV and turned to me. 

"Okay! Is this the part where I am supposed to  cross question you about your choice of men?! Nope. Not doing this. You know best. Bring the man home. Let's get this done with! " he said and threw one of his killer smiles. He was cool that way! I simply shook my head. Unbelievable that man was at times! 

"Ashok. She has just started working! Don't encourage the silly girl. She needs to find her footing before thinking about marriage and stuff. I am not letting her commit the same mistake as I did. Bugger off lady!" My mum said calmly before grabbing the remote from dad and unmuting it. That signaled the end of conversation and mom always had the last say. Marriage.  That didn't really make sense to me! 

"Mom please. Hear me out. I know I just started work. But please. I love him so much that I can't really live without him!" I cried out in a single go, hoping to clear out any misunderstanding! 

"Hmph! Seriously? I thought food was the only thing you couldn't live without", replied my dad, with a mocking smile! 

I glared at him with all might I could to only end up giggling. " Dad please. Yes food and this guy too!" I said!  

"Okay. Speak up and stop proclaiming your love! This is no Bollywood movie. I just hope you know what you are doing Vidya" said my mum very calmly. She was so calm that it scared me to no end.

"Mom. Dad. I am in love with Teddy and I'd like to bring him home. He is a lab and has probably been abandoned. He doesn't seem older than a year" I said with a bright smile. 

"A dog. You want to bring home a dog?" Asked my mom in a utterly confused state. 

"Well! If only you had let me talk a few minutes back!" I replied with a cheeky grin! 

Note-This post is written for the 'love theme' contest by The chennai bloggers club( insert url - in association with woodooz (insert url - and Indian Superheroes (insert url - )

PS. I love dogs and my parents never agreed to let me have one. When the pairing was done, My partner VishnuPriya  pinged enthusiastically. Given that we both blogged about random stuff, we found it fit to write a short story! 


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