Saturday, January 28, 2017

#534 : 2017 : A Roadmap

After an extended sabbatical, I'm back with a bang, devouring books like there is no tomorrow. However, it's been ages since I've written a proper review. In fact, it feels like I've long forgotten the art of critiquing a book. I intend to amend that shortly.  For the next month I have about half a dozen reviews planned till now. After writing about books for 3 plus years, I've witnessed the struggles a writer endures first hand. I've also experienced happiness when a reader reads my review and discovers their next favourite book. To strike a balance of sorts, I've decided to start a feature which would connect writers with readers and in turn promote the writers books as well. This feature would be live from February 1 positively!

Given that my career is leaving me no time for other activities, I have resolved to make the best of the time I can spare. That's politely telling, you won't witness me devouring books and spinning reviews like mad. Moreover, I've decided to read more of classics and politics this year. I've started reading a brilliant book about the Israeli intelligence - Mossad.  Hoping to finish it soon! 
I also intend to finish off the book I started writing last year. I attacked NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) with gusto initially. I managed to complete 5K words before life decided to turn crazy. With my impending marriage and hectic work, I couldn't reach the target of 50K words. Now that I'm settled into a routine, I intend to find that rhythm to write. 

Stay tuned! 


  1. All the best.. Will look forward to them.

  2. Congratulations on your wedding and my best wishes for the blog ahead. I look forward to reading your new posts. All the best.

  3. I can't wait to see the path of your blog. I am looking forward to the new feature and your completed book. Do share with us :)

  4. Thank you Indy :)

  5. Thank you Floryie :)