Sunday, January 1, 2017

#531 : Day Hundred - The Year 2017

100 days of writing daily! Phew I really can't believe I've done it. Obviously, this isn't my effort alone. Taking time out to write something daily requires support from your family. Especially when you also have a full time work to take care of. I'm indebted to my parents for encouraging me and understanding that I need time out for myself daily. I'd be failing in being grateful if I don't thank my husband. He ensured to give me time and space for myself to write right from the day we got married. I'd also like to thank one person who followed all my posts diligently and commented on most of them - Dinesh Babu KN. This guy is almost a stranger, yet he had all the niceness in the world to read what ever I rambled on and comment on it. You have no idea how much your comments boosted my self confidence! Thank you :-D

There is one person I truly have to thank. This person stung me and hurt me badly. She made me feel worthless. She made me doubt my skill to string few words together. That hit to my self confidence was a much needed lesson. It was an eye opener. If you are reading this my dear friend, remember not to provoke people like me this way. She told me it was not in the spirit of the challenge to schedule posts or have a guest blogger take over, I kept up with the spirit, no matter in which part of the world I was. Lesson learnt - When you are determined to accomplish something, no matter what the situation is, you can really accomplish it. Pointer to self - Keep up this darn determination with everything you do.

My goals for 2017,

  1. Finish off the book.

  2. Finish the short story.

  3. Read, Read and Read.

  4. Write, Write and Write.



  1. Whoa ! Century. :)
    Thanks for the mention..
    I try to stay in touch with you, Raja and Lavanya as much as I can through wordpress, FB and whatsapp..