Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#505 : Day Seventy Four - RIPJayalalithaa

Owing to the sad demise of our beloved Chief Minister Ms.J. Jayalalithaa, I am refraining from writing on a proper topic today. Sadness and grief seems to Choke out all words which attempts to tumble down. Her boldness, courage, intellect, grace, charm remain unmatched and inspiring! In a world dominated by men who tried to squash her down with every step she took, she fought all demons with  grace. 

It's morally wrong to speak ill of the dead. Pseudo intellects, who at every opportunity seem to go on a verbal diarrhea haven't sparred her in her death too. They have already started  pointing out as to how corrupt and superstitious she was. She might have been corrupt yet people thronged to pay their homage in peace today. Technically isn't that oxymoronic? Nonless than 15 CMs, the PM, the president and tones of people paid their homage today. The crowd didn't just subside. They wouldn't have probably even got a teeny tiny glance of her, yet they were there. 

Isn't she entitled to her beliefs as a human being? She is a leader all right and is a forefront example to her subjects. That doesn't imply that she should loose her faith and identity . There is this other debate doing rounds on social media that she promoted her caste. I'd say no one other than the media does a better job of instigating caste politics. A headline for an article today read, how she being a white skinned Brahmin survived politics. Was it absolutely necessary to mention her caste? No. There are enough examples to sustantiate that she didn't really favor her own caste or any caste for that matter. Do your research before you write or share. 

I'm not a fan of politics. Nor do I support any major political party or leader. There a plenty of people who are like me. Yet collectively I can speak for the likes of me that we all felt sad. She was inspirational and will continue to be so. Every woman would wish they were half as bold and fiery as her. I wish too I were too! 

RIP Iron Lady! Your final battle was as fierce as your first, you might have lost it mortally, but you still remain in our thoughts immortaly. 

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  1. Smearing caste identity at such a situation is really disgusting. These are ones who couldn't gain credits by themselves.