Saturday, December 3, 2016

#502 : Day Seventy One - Kindness!

A positive trait. When ego wanes, it gives way to kindness. Wikipedia defines Kindness as an act of being friendly and generous and considerate. 

Forget about being generous and friendly. Being considerate is the need of the hour. A random act of kindness can lead to a greater good. 

I'm blessed with quite a number of people in my life who are inherently kind. My dad is the biggest example I can possibly quote. He inspires me to be kind and leads by example. There are few things which can't be substantiated by examples. He is one such person! I can't possibly quote examples. Some things are best left private. You should know him as a person to experience this trait in him. 

The one fictional character I consider to be kind would be Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. It's not that he is kind because he represented a black person when no one else did. It is the way he proves Bob Ewell is a liar. More over the way he handles his children - he is firm yet gentle. 

However, what happens when being kind is not acknowledged? People get hurt. They change and stop being kind. A one off incident won't lead to such a drastic change but repeated disappointment would cause that change, but then, is that true kindness? Is exepecting gratitude or recognition or acknowledgement an actual act of kindness? Leaving on that note! 


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