Thursday, December 1, 2016

#500 : Day Sixty Nine - Doctor Strange & Ego!

New month and a new series of sorts to write. Given that there is exactly 30 more days for this year to end, it's about time to reflect upon the happenings of the year which is fast slipping by. This year for a change, I've decided to reflect upon lessons I learnt as a human being in form of characteristic traits which impacted my life and can potentially impact other lives too. To kick  off this attempt to write about human traits, my first post is going to be about one trait I strive hard to loose. One trait which ruins a lot of things - Ego.

Wikipedia defines a person's self esteem or self importance as ego. There is a fine line between having the right amount of self esteem and being egoistic. One can't possibly always take the middle path and get that balance right. Situations force you to act in the either end of the spectrum. Sadly for this trait, acting in either end of the spectrum is harmful. Having low self esteem can drive one to depression or worse suicide, while being egoistic would drive the person to be a loner.

It is a common observation that there are three kinds of people when it comes to this trait - The inherently egoistic group, the situation-ally egoistic group and the non-egoistic group. The last category comprises of people who are simply too nice without an ounce of egoism to their behavior and also people with low self esteem.

How did this trait harm me this year? I was at both the receiving and giving end of this trait. It resulted in a state of mental instability and unwanted squabbles.

There are a couple of people/ fictional character who are stellar examples of not having an ego. They were my role models and guided me get that balance right. I'd rather talk about the fictional character than the non-fictional one for, the doing so about the latter might lead to eyebrows being raised.

Doctor Strange. A movie which released recently. Given that I hadn't read the comics upon which the film was based on, I expected this to be a poor incoherent adaptation just like other books adapted into movies. To my utter surprise, the story was clear.


It's his ego which prevents his body from healing itself at Kamar Taj. He is an accomplished neurosurgeon who is afraid of failure and is egoistic that he could fix a spine bone by bone. He doesn't take on cases he can't succeed, just to ensure that his success rate is stellar.Metaphorically, the movie struck a nerve with me. What if such traits actually prevented our body from letting it self be normal. What if this trait was poisoning our system. I realized this far later than I should I have. If only I had done so earlier, I would have kept a truck of people at bay and been a better human myself. Better late than never though.


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