Thursday, December 29, 2016

#528 : Day Ninety Seven - Books of 2016!

Another year has gone by and my TBR is still sky high. Just like every other year, I managed to read my head off to a certain extent. However, due to a lot of personal commitments in the form of masters degree exams and my wedding, I really couldn't read as much as I would like to have. Goodreads tells me I've managed to read about 89 books this year. So here are some highlights of the year,

  1.  Thanks to my friend Bragadeesh Prasanna from the CBC, I've discovered the bliss in reading Neil Gaiman's works, though I am yet to complete reading the one book of his I started - Trigger warning. Since he introduced me to Gaiman, I've been on a hunt, searching and reading his essays, which I find more enticing than his book that I'm reading midway.

  2. The other gem of a writer I seemed to have missed out till date was Satyajit Ray. Thanks to Mahesh from CBC for loaning out "The Mystery of Monroe Island and other stories".

  3. Humor/Satire was one genre I avoided unconsciously. I've never possessed the temperament to complete reading a Wodehouse novel. This year that kind of changed. I managed to finish one Wodehouse book and also pick up another Satire. C.Suresh's A Dog Eat Dog food world - One book I could relate and totally enjoyed reading!

  4. Sharath Komarraju - I managed to read 6 books of his including his latest - Loyalty Net, Murder in Amaravati, A pinch of Lust, A smidgen of Greed, The Narrow Road to Palem, Donoor's Curse. That's the most book I've read by a single writer this year. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of it. He quickly progressed to becoming one of my favorite Indian writers after RK Narayan.

  5. Geographical Variety - This year I managed to read plenty of books set in Italy and France, two in Afghanistan, one in Africa and Spain. That happiness in being able to feel the cultural and architectural feel of a city by reading a book is unmatched. Most memorable books include, Masquerade by Hannah Fielding, Paris Runaway by Paulita Kincer, Dreaming Sophia by Melissa Muldoon, The Art of Rebellion by Brenda Joyce Leahy, The Sentimental Terrorist by Rajesh Talwar.

  6. Few Indian writers deserve a special mention. They managed to deliver quality books and prove that they are not Chetan Bagat "types". Sundari Venkatraman for An Autograph for Anjali and Marriages Made in India Series, Sumana Khan for Encounters, Sujit Banerjee for Rukhsat The Departure, Adite Banerjee for No Safe Zone, Paulami Duttagupta for A Thousand Unspoken Words and Aarti V Raman for With you I dance. 

  7. There were some books which I really didn't enjoy. The most surprising of all being that of Ravi Subramanian's The Bestseller She wrote. For all the hype he gets, this particular book of his that I read isn't one bit worth it.

  8. One big heartbreak of 2016 - A script book which had JK Rowling's blessings - Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. RUINED would be the best term. This book ruined the feel of Harry Potter totally.

Next year, I already have a long TBR ahead - Ruskin Bond, Lionel Shriver, Satyajith Ray, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Timer N Murari just to begin with!




  1. Hugs to you Jan. So proud to be part of this book list of yours, with more than one book :D <3

  2. <3 Hugs to you too! Keep writing more books!

  3. Totally agree with you on the Indian Writers landscape. "Chetan Bhagat types" haha. Sadly, they get all the visibility and hype. I have read Sundari and Sumana Khan's writing. Both are excellent writers.

  4. Thank you so much for the mention :D made the last day of the year more special