Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#527 : Day Ninety Six - Goal Setting!

With the New Year around the corner and appraisals at work also at bay, the term goal setting is probably going to be used and abused for a while. Nevertheless, that's not going to stop me from setting a goal or working to achieving it.

It seems a sane idea to call such whims of mine as goals instead of resolutions, which obviously sounds too cliche. Moreover, for some odd reason, my brain seems to place the word goal with a higher sense of priority.

When 2016 began, I had just one goal - to cut off toxic people from my life. 2015 delivered a personal blow to me by  revealing the true color of some one I considered a best friend. Eventually, I wanted to forget and move on. Moving on wasn't easy, but I had to. Then later, I felt it was right to even forgive and patch up, which I did. In 2016, I wanted to keep her and the likes of her at arm's length. It was difficult as hell, but thanks to my parents and another best friend, I managed that this year. One goal down!

As the year progressed I set smaller goals and targets. With one of them being the 100 days of blogging initiative. I needed to keep in touch with writing and creativity. Else I was on a path of becoming an automaton who was just doing spreadsheets and drawings. I hesitated a lot before taking up this mammoth of a challenge as I knew I would be tied down with a lot of work (as I knew back then that I was getting married). To add fuel to my self doubt, a so called friend of mine vehemently discouraged me, stating that it wouldn't be possible at all for me. My parents and my (now) husband encouraged me otherwise. For them, it simply meant giving me space to do what I wanted and Voila, I'm right on track and haven't missed a single day till now and I intend to keep that streak up. That friend of mine also told me that it is the spirit of the challenge to write daily and not to schedule posts ahead. She believed that I would cheat my way out. To my utter surprise, I never scheduled a single post ahead of time. I might have not kept up an exact 24 hour gap, but then, one post per day it was and it will be for the next 3 days. So target almost done.

2017! New goals and new targets! As I write this post, I've set 3 goals. I'm not going ahead and mentioning it here. They say keep good things to yourself and I intended to follow that saying to dot in order to ensure no dolt sends negative energy my way!

What's your goal? Ping me! Trust me, I don't do discouragement. I'm all for target completion!



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