Monday, December 26, 2016

#525 : Day Ninety Four - The Life of an Engineer

94 days down and I literally almost forgot to write about what I do for a living. Most people blink or stare curiously when they first hear about my work. Unlike my famous counterpart - the core manufacturing sector, my sector - the Manufacturing services sectors has very little takers and isn't that really well known. Or at least, people don't know what we folks do to earn our bread and butter.

Here is what we think we do,

Sitting with the customer like boss with all logic working perfectly! 

What we actually do, 

Hiyo! Sathiyama Nambunga! Indha switch ah thatina light eriyum! - Convincing the customer what he has is a Merc, but in reality it's a scooty Pep! 

Jokes apart! That's truly a part of what we do. We automate pumps,valves, motors etc to make sure the factory runs smoothly with as less human intervention or manual error as possible. 

Our customers - Any manufacturing company in conjunction with engineering companies, give us inputs in the form of databases, drawings and narratives. We program it all into a controller called PLC or DCS (or whatever) depending upon the application.  

The PLC or DCS needs its own set of devices for electrical protection. Okay to elaborate more I might as well need to teach you what I learnt in 4 years of college and 4 years of working! Sigh! I am done. 

Just remember, it's all  excel sheets and wires! That's what I do -excel sheets, more and more sheets of it. Wires and plenty of wires! Drawings - green, red and grey - bright enough to give you a migraine. Oh and not to forget, impossibly tough scenarios giving you the feel of launching  a rocket! 



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