Sunday, December 25, 2016

#524 : Day Ninety Three - The Dreaded Flu!

Thanks to roaming around and gulping down scoops of that yummy peach ice cream, I am officially croaking like a frog. The flu decided to pay a visit. 

The best remedy to beat the flu - Paati Kai Vaidhiyam ( translates to age old home remedy) 

The first remedy that I tried out - Chew raw pepper and polish it off with hot water - worked a bit in clearing off that sore throat. My mom in law'a idea. Totally worked! 

Second one - Hot milk with turmeric - reduced that insane headache. 

The third one is the toughest of all - Nilavembu Kashayam. It's a powder mix available in Indian apothecary shops. It's bitter to core. You need to mix the powder and boil it. Drink a tumbler. Voila! Your fever is gone! Thanks to mommy dearest, I had to endure this today.

There is nothing that can beat cold at all truly! At least noting as quickly as above mentioned mixes! 


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