Friday, December 23, 2016

#522 : Day Ninety One - Thank you!

I'm back to my home (Mom's place) to open up my wedding presents. Christmas came early to me in the form of wedding!

I'd like to thank all of you, who came down, spent time and blessed us. In spite of inevitable circumstances, a lot of you took trouble to make it. For that I am indebted! For those who gifted things to me, that was so nice of, I really didn't expect a material gift! Nevertheless, Thank you. I'd cherish it all for a lifetime.

There was  one gift which stood out. Strike that. A lot of gifts stood out! I can't really pick and choose! 

People gift me books all the time. They forget to write their name or the occasion they are gifting for. I appreciate the intention but few words would have made it better! Is a book a good choice as a gift for wedding? Absolutely not for others, but for me, that's the best gift I could ever get.

Jean Burke -  Spraker, my editor friend, who flew down from Bengaluru to attend the wedding gifted me a book. The book has a nice beautiful bookmark, a handwritten letter and INR 101 tucked in safely. She placed the book inside a cloth bag and gifted it instead of wrapping it up. This was the most beautiful gift I got. In her letter, she went to explain her choice of gift in whole. Jean, thank you for the most precious gift. I will cherish it forever.




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