Thursday, December 15, 2016

# 514 : Day Eighty Three - People Power!

After food and the place, it's the people I want to focus on today. I've met about a handful of Mauritians ranging from the tour guide to the hotel receptionists! All of them come across as being warm and friendly yet firm. 

There were a couple of embarrassing incidents which left me speechless and feeling low. 

About our travel group, we are a group of 20 people, mostly Indians who were on their honeymoon. There were a couple of bachelors as well. Our guide for the day was a funny man! We had finished our activities for the day and were heading back to the hotel. En route there was a van which had broken down. The bus was ferrying passengers from the airport to hotels and was a part of our tourist group. Our bus stopped so as to help the standred people as they belonged to the same travel group. After a while the "big shot gentlemen" of my bus got impatient and forced our bus to start. The guide was pissed off and remarked if all Indians were so cruel and didn't like helping people. 

Indians are generally warm and friendly people and are known for their kindness. Yet today when those idiots suggested that we don't help them, it seemed too horrible. That question from that man got me pondering. Are we kind really or are we pretending to be?! 

It would have been a one off incident but it ruined the reputation of a country 😭


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