Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#499 : Day Sixty Eight- Rahmania - A tribute

It's day 30 of Rahmania and I write this post with a heavy heart. I might as well continue writing about the songs I love, but then, it would become all about me, my likes and my life. That's not what I had in mind when I took up the challenge of 100 days of blogging. Today, its about the man. The man who unknowingly touched many lives through his music. The man whose compositions speak way louder than his words.

People normally assume that the likes of me "have become fans of him" after he won a couple of Oscars. It is a blissful feeling to ignore such ignorant-pretenders. Before Facebook, twitter and internet took over, there were things like television, radio and normal conversation. The need to proclaim the love for something in public was non-existent. For some of us, it is still that way. Then why have you been writing about this man you ask?

It's Simple. Music unites people. I've connected with a lot of people over this common topic. I've had people who are almost strangers asking me to write about a particular song. There are just a handful of people who can do that, bringing people together - AR Rahman, Ilayaraja, JK Rowling are a few to name.

Eventually we are all forgotten pages in the lives of others. Wouldn't it be worthwhile to be that page which would give at least a moment of happiness if not chapters of remembrance? Wouldn't it be worth while to cherish that moment when you connect with a stranger all because of a song which probably holds different set of memories for both of you. I digress. The man and his compositions are legendary. His humane nature is truly inspiring. What we see is what we get really when it comes to him. How do you know you ask?

My fiance shared this incident with me. His friends and him, they were waiting among the large crowd which thronged Rahman's house every year on his birthday. Rahman came out and waved to all of them before speeding off in his car. Being the ardent fans they were, my fiance and his friends picked up their bikes and followed the man till a building near Taj Nungambakkam. His car stopped momentarily and a man from the car signaled these guys to follow them to another building which was away from the main road. The car finally stopped and out step the man who signaled them - the driver. He asked if these guys had camera and advised them to keep it ready. Rahman himself stepped down with a gentle smile and wished these guys. He asked each and every one of them their names and as to what they were doing in general. He stood and posed for photographs before politely excusing himself. Chasing a celebrity is probably is not a good idea. He might as well have booked him for it, yet he didn't. He wasn't angry that they followed him all the way, nor was curt when he met them. Stellar example of how to be even when you have truck loads of money and a room full of trophies.

This sir, is my little tribute to you. I have zero knowledge of music. I know in all possibility that you certainly won't read this. But if you did, please know you impacted my life in a way no one else apart from my father did.

Good music has the power to heal or destroy a soul in trouble. Please be assured that your's healed and couldn't have possibly destroyed any soul.

Signing off with a song which I promised would be last.

Why is it at the last?

I don't know!

Why not other songs?

I really don't know.

Kaiyil Midhakum Kanava nee!


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  1. A plethora of emotions wash over me as I read this post. Sooo heart-touching. And I am glad that we bonded over his music. Music is our religion and A.R.Rahman is our God. <3 <3