Saturday, November 26, 2016

#495 : Day Sixty Four - En Mel Vizhundha Mazhai Thuliaye!

Day 26 of the ARR celebration on my blog, as promised I've taken up a request. This one comes for my friend Kavya Janani. We share a part of our names apart from the love of ARR's music and Harry Potter. In spite of being complete strangers, there are few things which truly unite you. This is the best example. I hardly know her. Our interactions have been via Facebook, but I connect with her thanks to ARR and JKR - two people whom I owe a lot.

Sung by singer PS Jayachandran and KS Chitra, this song renders you speechless. Lyricist Vairamuthu has once again proved his prowess over the language. One can't possibly imagine a better song to describe the pain of separation and finding your loved one back again.


Looks like 30 days aren't going to be enough to celebrate this man at all.