Friday, November 25, 2016

#494 : Sixty Three - Mudhal Murai Killi Parthen!

Day 25 into ARR fever, this song is upon a request from my fiancee. The love for ARR's music is something we have in common, just among a handful of other things. He wanted me to feature this song today and la, wish fulfilled. This is also dedicated to my to be sister in law. Apparently, this is one of her favorite movie.

Sung by accomplished singer Srinivas and Sujatha, this song is a total melody. It's about the feel of first love. Actor Rahman and Vindhya have done a fantastic job of acting for such a fab melody. All the songs in this album are way too good. I had initially wanted to write about Mazhai Thuli song, but then he asked and I couldn't say no.


It's 25th already and I have plenty more favorites to go. Picking songs is becoming increasingly difficult.

What's your favorite ARR track? Let me know, I'd be happy to feature it for your, just for tomorrow only though :-P


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