Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#491 : Day Sixty One - Kya Mohabbat hai!

Day 23 into ARR fever and yet another permanent song form my playlist. 

With lyrics penned by master poet Gulzar and sung by the genius himself, this song is way too good. Added bonus - the visual has our clam genius singing away while playing the piano mixed with some scenes from the movie - Ek Deewana Tha. 

This song wasn't a part of the original version in Tamil movie but for people like me who follow both the versions, this song is a bliss to listen to! Though the Hindi version of the movie bombed, the songs were simply too good just like that of the Tamil version. Best of both worlds I say!

On that note, signing off for today! Feeling to tired to stay awake and type! I need to go and listen this on the loop! 


  1. Language doesn't matter. Trust me. Listen to this track with eyes closed taking in just his voice and tune. It's simply way too good.

  2. I agree. Language doesn't matter. Until you told me about the pigeon, I didn't know the theme of masakali. And there is 'sadda haq', 'pareshaan' and a few.. Still no idea about what they mean. Love them for the music.

  3. :-D Yay to that. Hold on to that my friend :)