Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#490 : Day Sixty - Roja Roja!

Day 22 into the ARR fever, yet another beautiful composition.

Among all the songs in this list, this song is the second most visually appealing song after Pachai Niramae. Shot with a lush rose flower cover with Taj Mahal in background, this song is every die hard romantic's dream come true. Of course, some parts of the song with VFX incorporated look like such an eyesore when compared to other parts of the song.

The audio part is a different story altogether. Singer P Unnikrishnan has poured his soul to make this song such a intense rendition. Penned by Vaali, the song compares the heroine and rose.

This song also has a Telugu and a Hindi version. The former also being sung by Unnikrishnan and the latter being sung by Hariharan. It so happens that every time a song from either of the language is dubbed to other, the songs more often than not, take a colossal  hit. It sounds so odd to listen to it unless the translation is top class. In spite of such an great singer like Hariharan singing the Hindi version of this song, it sounds so vague and plain irritating. In fact, for the first few seconds I had trouble believing that Hariharan had actually sung the song.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvwtUqtDt9I]


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