Monday, November 21, 2016

#489 : Day Fifty Nine - Nadhiyae Nadhiyae!

Day 21 into the ARR fever and yet another track with a permanent place on my playlist. For reasons unfathomable it seems to have skipped my mind to write about this song earlier.

Sung by Singer Unni Menon whose voice has a distinct similarity to that of Singer KJ Yesudas's, the song compares the traits of water with that of a woman. The beauty of the song lies in the melodious water sounds and interludes combined with lyricist Vairamuthu's bewitching lyrics. Director Vasanth has done complete justice to such a mellifluous composition by shooting the song in scenic locations. All the songs from this movie are based on the five elements of earth - namely Water, Wind, Earth, Sky and Fire with this song obviously representing water. Watching action king Arjun in a romantic and soft role was a refreshing change. With Arjun's killer looks, scenic locations and soothing melody, this song is every die hard romantic's fantasy.

Bliss personified!

In my search to listen to quality music, I stumbled upon this enhanced version of the song with the BGM so clear that it's hard not to fall in love with that man's music.That sound of laughter with the BGM at 6:01 is just too good to be real. Plug in those head phones and listen to this with your eyes closed. Trust me, this the best medicine to beat Monday madness.



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